20 years ago we started the first Mobile Internet service in the world.
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Send messages with a single click to lists with up to 1 million recipients. Send immediately or schedule for a later time. No additional software required.

A wide array of available protocols (SMPP, HTTPS, XML, WebService, FTP, SMTP, and others) to integrate messaging on any platform. Fast and guaranteed message delivery for a high quality service.

Dedicated numbers in large account in all available decades in 5, 7 and 10 digits, even mnemonic, to allow your customers to interact with you, even massively (eg. Radio / national television broadcasts)

Make your customer service intimate before your competitors do it.

Hassle free lists management, we handle registration and deregistration fo your customers for you, no more paper work.

Mobile optimized webpages, crafted to perfectly promote your business in a click.

Some good reasons you can rely on us:

High Availability & 100% Fully Reduntant

As Telephone Operator we have direct access to licenced resources, such as numbers without intermediaries.

Your messages will always reach their destination, even in case of disconnection from one or more Carrier, our re-routing solution will choose the best available solution.

We have direct connection with all Italian Operators e various foreign Operators, no hops.

You will find real people speaking your language, always ready to help you find and develop the best possible solution.

Our infrastructure is located in the MIX (Milan Internet eXchange), the most important italian internet node, with a Gigabit backbone. It guarantees the best possible service, robust and scalable.

SMS Providers? They are not all equal. Here is why!


We guarantee the highest possible throughput available in Italy.


Real time delivery receipt for all your messages.


Customize your messages with your brand name or your own dedicated number.


Service Level Agreement included with all services.

Business Programs


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SMS sent since 2008

Our integrations:


SMS.it and Oracle Eloqua, togheter to bring you multi-channel and interactive marketing campaigns.

Public Administration purchasing web portal

We are the only full-interworking operator to offer SMS Services to Public Administrations using the P. A. Purchasing Portal

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