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Make your customer service intimate
Before your competitors do it.

In highly competitive markets, a key differentiating component of the offer is Customer Support: companies that reach excellence in this field do gain a strategic advantage in terms of loyalty and, consequently, of market share. has created and launched the revolutionary “Intimate Customer Experience” system, which works as follows: First of all, it allows you to leverage a broader range of channels and customer touch-points for Customer Support, either complementing or replacing the traditional telephone channel: SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or web chat.

These additional text-based channels offer game-changing benefits compared to telephone:
• they eliminate waiting times
• they are geared towards synthesis and crispness
• they allow Customers to multi-task in a seamless way

All customer requests are routed to your dedicated customer care staff through a unified panel that allows to handle them rapidly and easily.

For companies with at least 500,000 customers, this system is complemented by an artificial intelligence engine that is able, after an initial self-learning phase, to suggest the correct answers to your staff, and even manage, in some cases, the interaction with the Customer in a fully independent way.
This approach is able to radically mitigate the risk of providing wrong answers, of triggering emotional escalations, thus significantly strengthening client satisfaction while reducing management costs.

So… What are you waiting for?! By adopting the revolutionary “Intimate Customer Experience” system you will be able to turn every customer service request into a positive experience!

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