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TEN Pro is an advanced online messaging service that allows you to send and receive sms, fast and easy.

TEN Pro is reachable from any Internet-connected device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can organize your recipients in one or more groups, and set a time and date for delivery, for example to set an appointment reminder. uses only high reliable routes ensuring real-time handling of your SMS. For this reason, our SMS service is particularly suitable for bulk messaging or for network critical situation.

TEN Pro launched back in 1996 and as of today more than 10000 companies and organizations choose this service.

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Why TEN Pro?

TEN Pro is simply the best tool on the market to send SMS: easy to use, cheap and lets you send SMS worldwide in a few seconds.

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  • No monthly fee, pay only the messages you send
  • Total Coverage: with TEN Pro you can send messages to over 385 mobile operators, in 180 different countries.
  • Speed record: messages sent through TEN Pro take less than a second to reach the destination, regardless of whether you decide to send them to a single mobile phone number or to a list of recipients.
  • Archive: check your messages in the TEN Pro archive. You can see if the messages were sent, send it again, even to a different recipient.
  • Distribution lists: easily load your customer contacts and group them as you like. Send a message to everyone with a single click. No limits to the number of lists or to their content!
  • Delivery receipt: with TEN Pro you can know your messages status, included the exact time and date of delivery (if the phone is switched off or unreachable, you will know precisely when the phone has been switched on or is  back under coverage)
  • Custom sender number: Custom sender number: the sender can be customized with your mobile number. If you set your mobile number as sender, the messages will be seen as coming from it and directly receive reply on it
  • Sender customizable with your brand: you can set a custom sender stating your brand name in every message you send, if desired,instead of a phone number.
  • Delayed delivery: with TEN Pro you can schedule date and time to send a messages to your contacts or groups.
  • Security: we always put a lot of effort in protecting and securing data. We know is really important to protect our customers data. The connection with TEN Pro is secured with the SSL protocol and our monitoring activity is non-stop; we constantly monitor risk exposure of all the data that we process, applying the necessary risk management procedures and ensuring maximum safety to the system. We have zero tolerance security measures to protect your data and your customers data.


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